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Where Does All the Snow Go? Snow Removal in Big Cities

Where Does All the Snow Go? Snow Removal in Big Cities In towns and cities across the U.S. with annual snowfall, snow removal is the norm. Methods vary depending on volume and location. In the suburbs, snow removal mainly involves plowing snow into piles along curbs and other open areas as space allows. In downtown […]

GeoMetrx Common Ground News: Volume 3: Issue 3 – Understanding Franchise Agreements

Understanding Franchise Agreements See the newsletter with all graphics at COMMON GROUND VOLUME 3 : ISSUE 3 NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE LINK. Text only version provided below, links only work in the full archived version via the link above. Volume 3 : Issue 3 Fall 2014 Welcome to Common Ground News In this Issue: * Feature Article […]

Why You Should Franchise Your Business

As with any business model there are benefits and drawbacks. Franchising your business can lead to exponential growth if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Painting Industry – Looking Brighter

Painting Industry – Looking Brighter The painting industry includes businesses primarily involved in applying paint, special coatings and wall coverings to the interiors and exteriors of buildings for both residential and non-residential customers.  As such, the industry is closely tied with overall trends in home improvement and the construction industry. The past five years have […]

Floral Industry – Valentine’s Day Roses

On this day of love, the floral industry is blooming! According to (International Floral Organisation), 25% of adults in the U.S. purchased flowers or plants as gifts for Valentine’s Day in 2013. Men outpaced women 2 to 1 on this holiday (64% vs. 36%, respectively). Similar sales levels are expected in 2014. Men give […]

2014 Franchise 500 Ranking

The 35th annual Franchise 500, compiled by  reveals the top performers in franchising for 2014. Jumping to the number one spot is Anytime Fitness, a 24-hour gym franchise. The company was ranked #6 in 2013, a remarkable climb considering it first opened its doors in 2002. Based in Minneapolis, the company now has nearly […]

Meal Preparation Business – A Recipe for Success

Meal Preparation Business – A Recipe for Success The holidays are once again upon us and our busy factor is in overdrive! With the exception of a big holiday meal, we often find ourselves sacrificing time spent with our families around the dinner table. Studies show there are many great benefits of eating together, such […]

Home Decor – An Improving Market

Home Decor – An ‘Improving’ Market What many are now calling the ‘Great Recession’ that began in earnest in late 2008, continues to have far-reaching affects on the US and world economies. Signs of recovery are evident in many sectors, including the home decor market, which is ‘improving’ (pun intended!). The improvement is partially in […]

Youth Sports Industry – A Growing Opportunity

Youth Sports Industry –  A Growing Opportunity October brings with it many wonderful happenings. The leaves are changing colors; kids, both young and old, are partaking in Halloween festivities; and sports are in the air. Baseball fans are enjoying the post-season with its play-offs and World Series match-ups; and football fans are gathering on weekends […]

Tutoring Services – An Inspiring Opportunity

Labor Day has come and gone and in its wake new clothes are being donned, lunch boxes are being packed, yellow school buses are rolling by, crossing guards are providing safe routes, kids are toting backpacks, and bells are ringing in school halls everywhere, officially ushering in a new school year; and with it comes […]