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New Beach Front Property? If all the ice melted…

When it comes to global warming, or rather the new, more PC term, climate change, there is one main theme – rising temperatures of both land and sea. While the debate rages on whether this threat is real or perceived, or whether it’s human induced or a natural geological cycle, one thing is certain, the […]

Hurricane, Typhoon, or Cyclone? Location, Location, Location!

Weather around the world continues to be wild and unpredictable. Our hearts go out to everyone in the Philippines affected by super-Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that made landfall on Nov. 8, 2013. The death toll has reached 4,000 and continues to climb. An estimated 9 to 13 million people have been affected by the storm in 44 […]

Air Quality – Measurement Industry Opportunities: The Sky is the Limit

Air Quality – Measurement Industry Opportunities: The Sky is the Limit On December 31, 1970, President Richard Nixon signed into law the Clean Air Act intended to “foster the growth of a strong American economy and industry while improving human health and the environment.” In the 40 years plus since, the EPA has been working to […]

Satellite Imagery Firm Requests Lift on Resolution Limits

DigitalGlobe, of Longmont, Colorado, is a commercial vendor of space imagery and geospatial content, and operator of civilian remote sensing spacecraft. Recently, the firm requested the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to lift restrictions and allow the company to provide higher resolution images. The current regulation limits images to a resolution of a half […]

40 Maps that Explain the World

We’d like to share with you a blog post from Max Fisher and the Washington Post Foreign Staff. Max wrote a great post including both existing and newly created maps that each give a unique view of the world. WARNING: Do not click on the link to Max’s post unless you have some time to […]

Map of US Rivers

Map of US Rivers What an incredible Map of US Rivers! Using USGS data, Nelson Minar has created a vector tile map of all the water flowlines in the 48 contiguous states.  While he cautions that he includes all the flowlines available in the dataset (i.e. “lots of seasonal creekbeds, arroyos, etc.”) it’s still a […]

Discovering the True Shape of the Earth

Discovering the True Shape of the Earth One of the first geography lessons we learn is that the Earth is round and not flat, but that was not always the case. The history of discovering the earth’s true shape is long and complex. There were many theories and beliefs about the shape of the Earth […]

Think Warm Thoughts – World’s Unique Beaches

Think Warm Thoughts: World’s Unique Beaches As we head into Memorial Day Weekend, often considered the start of the summer season, much of the country continues to endure cold temps and even winter-like conditions in some areas. Snow is expected in parts of the Northeast. Perhaps if we think warm thoughts we can turn around […]

Ice Tsunami – Say What?

Ice Tsunami – Say What? Mother Nature sure has some interesting tricks up her sleeve. Wind, rain, snow, sleet, floods, mudslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, droughts, dust storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and much more. But have you ever heard of an ice tsunami? Okay, that’s not the real name of the weather phenomenon, it’s actually an ice shove, but […]

Wireless Charging – A Magnetic Future

Wireless Charging – A Magnetic Future If you are sitting at your workspace take a look around you. How many wires and cords do you see? As our lives become more and more dependent on electronic devices (iPods, cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, wireless routers, modems, dvrs and more), we need an equal number of […]