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Site Location Analysis

Using Data for Retail Site Location Targeting

The use of big data has become extensive worldwide. It has implications for nearly all industries. Marketers especially use mass data to reach out to a broader segment of their target audience. One of the best and recognized ways to use and leverage location data is by location insights since locations reveal information about real […]

How Big Data Allows Retailers to Pick the Best Location?

In today’s retail industry, location-based services play a pivotal role in the success of the retail business. Most retail companies still have 94% of their business in physical stores, and their location determines whether they succeed or flop. The scene of the retail industry is changing. Nowadays, retailers do not just want to know where […]

Good Data Doesn’t Mean Good Decisions

We live in a data-driven society. Unfortunately, good data is not always easily identified and even when it is; it doesn’t guarantee that the user will make sound decisions. First, as Nate Silver famously pointed out in his book, there exists a lot of noise along with signals in data. It is sometimes nearly impossible […]

How to Use Smartphones to Find the Best Retail Locations

Nowadays not many people leave home without their smartphone. Our smartphones have become a utility tool, replacing things we used to use such as notebooks, address book, reading books, camera, voice recorder, etc. Smartphones help us keep track of our lives, find our way around the world, and communicate with our family, friends, and business […]

Geometrx best retail location

How to Find the Best Retail Location

It takes almost as much work scoping out the best location for a retail store, as it does to source out suppliers, and design and build an effective selling environment. Many experts recommend that efforts focused on finding the best retail location will provide the highest financial returns. Once entrepreneurs realize that location is the […]

GeoMetrx Common Ground News: Volume 4: Issue 2 – Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials See the newsletter with all graphics at COMMON GROUND VOLUME 4 : ISSUE 1 NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE LINK. Text only version provided below, links only work in the full archived version via the link above. Volume 4 : Issue 2 2015 – Q2 Welcome to Common Ground News In this Issue: * Feature […]

Six Things to Consider When Your Mapping Software is Discontinued

Six Things to Consider When Your Mapping Software is With the year 2015 now firmly upon us many companies are out in the cold when it comes to mapping software. Two popular mapping software’s over the last decade have now been discontinued. The most notable is Mappoint by Microsoft, the other was one of the […]

Original Locations – Top 20 Fast Food Restaurants

Original Locations – Top 20 Fast Food Restaurants The Top 20 Fast Food Restaurants, collectively, have nearly 125,000 locations across the U.S. (Source: QSR Top 50 – 2013, published August 2014), and many, though not all, have spread across all 50 states. For each of these businesses, what started out as a single location has […]

Median Income vs. Median Rent Heat Maps

Median Income vs. Median Rent Heat Maps – business site location analysis tools We hear a lot about the real estate market these days and how fluctuating costs are impacting local economies. If your business relies on minimum wage employees, for example, it will be more difficult to maintain a workforce if located in an […]

Meal Preparation Business – A Recipe for Success

Meal Preparation Business – A Recipe for Success The holidays are once again upon us and our busy factor is in overdrive! With the exception of a big holiday meal, we often find ourselves sacrificing time spent with our families around the dinner table. Studies show there are many great benefits of eating together, such […]