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Tips & Techniques – Creating Territory Reports

Tips & Techniques – Creating Territory Reports  Visualizing your territories is extremely valuable, and being able to combine that with data output is exponentially even more useful. In our most recent video tutorial, we show you how to create territory reports step by step. Creating Territory Reports allows you to see the your data both visually […]

Creating Territory Reports with GeoMetrx

This how-to video will show you the steps on creating reports for your Sales or Franchise Territories using GeoMetrx. Video length is 6:10.

GeoMetrx Map Templates

Learn how to create & save map templates in GeoMetrx. Video length 4:11.

How to Create Territories

Demonstrates how to create new territories based on counts of businesses and population using the base territory manager module in GeoMetrx. Using this module, you can select individual geographies (like ZIP Codes or Counties) to combine, or select sets of geographies by drawing a polygon on the map using the polygon select tool. Also show […]

How to Save Map Projects in GeoMetrx

Demonstrates exactly how to create, save, and reopen map projects in GeoMetrx. Other GeoMetrx features covered include; thematic mapping, changing or adding new map symbols, and map customization. Video length is 4:11.

Territory Alignment & Optimization

See how GeoMetrx can be used to automatically create equitable territories (using ZIP Code geographies in the demonstration) based on any demand data variable and rules you define using the Territory Optimization module. Video length is 4:55.

GeoMetrx for Public Sector

An overview of how GeoMetrx can be applied for public organizations to get mission critical data into the hands of decision makers faster and more efficiently. Video length is 3:44.

GeoMetrx Territory Manager Overview

A short promotional video which provides a good overview of the GeoMetrx Territory Manager capabilities. Video length is 1:40.