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Geography Games

Web Resources: Geography Games How well do you know your geography? Can you find your way around a world map? When reading about world events in the paper, or catching up on the evening world news, how well can you place the countries and cities from where the top stories are being reported? Do you […]

FAA Airport Delay Map – It Wasn’t the Weather

This past weekend I had the pleasure of making one of those late Sunday night runs to the airport to provide a ride home for my husband. Now, I couldn’t really say no, and it certainly was cheaper than leaving a car parked at the airport all week, but, ugh, it was late! And then […]

Interactive Weather Map

Web Resources: Interactive Hurricane Tracker Last night I was ‘half-watching’ the news waiting for the weather report, and when it finally came on I not only got the information I wanted, but also a sweet extra… more on that in a moment.  Why was I so anxious for the weather report? Well, we are supposed […]

Earth Album

Web Resources: Earth Album If you enjoy maps and photography, we have a great website for you: Earth Album. This website combines the power and detail of Google Maps with some of the most beautiful photography from around the world, courtesy of Flickr. The top images on Flickr are used, and therefore the images change […]

Airfare Pricing Map

Web Resources: Airfare Pricing Map The cost of airfare often determines travelers’ vacation destinations. Searching for airline prices city by city can be time-consuming and simply reviewing a list of “special offer” fares can be very limiting. At GeoMetrx, we strongly believe in the power of visually mapping data, which makes this website resource,, […]

Mobile & Desktop Maps

Web Resources:  Mobile & Desktop Maps Have you ever needed to find a location on Google Maps using just latitude and longitude coordinates? It can be tricky if you don’t enter the information in just the right format.  Or perhaps you’ve needed to know the coordinates of a particular location or address? Well, we have […]

Word Cloud Generators

Web Resources: Word Cloud Generators   Turning data into a visual representation is a highly effective way to communicate concepts and share information. We typically think of a map as a representation of geographical information, but we can also “map” data. Today’s blog is about mapping words by creating word clouds, also known as tag […]

Mapping Your Success: Online Mapping Resources

Web Resources: U.S. State Maps   At Geographic Enterprises, we love maps. All of our services and applications are geared toward ‘mapping your success’ with our many online mapping resources. • GeoMetrx – Our web-based territory mapping software platform that allows you to dynamically aggregate, compare, rank, and map thousands of preloaded attributes along with […]

Franchise Times Spring/Summer 2012 SuperBook

Web Resources: Franchise Times Spring/Summer 2012 Superbook   The Spring/Summer 2012 SuperBook of Franchise Opportunities, published by Franchise Times is out. This free resource is available in digital format online, putting a substantial amount of information at the fingertips of anyone interested in the franchising industry. The SuperBook includes a comprehensive list of franchise opportunities […]

Making Taxes Less Taxing for Small Business Owners

Tax Tips for Small Business Owners   It’s that dreaded time of year when taxes are due… again! If only we could sweep them under the carpet and pretend they didn’t exist, right? However, it’s best to simply tackle them head on and get them done. If you’re one who waits until the last minute […]