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Retail Site Selection with Demographic Mapping Software

Merriam-Webster defines Demographics as the statistical characteristics of human populations (as age or income) used especially to identify market. Definition Link

Our GeoMetrx web-based mapping software is loaded with rich demographic data for retail site selection, consumer profiling and market analysis. With multiple demographic data providers to choose from (not just census data), your business has options you can trust. Create your own custom demographic data reports, export your data in various formats and perform in-depth demographic data analysis to enable your company to make the right decisions every time.

Retail Site Map

Retail Site Map with Inset

Mapping with GeoMetrx provides desktop GIS power and functionality on the web. Create rich maps loaded with your data, locations, various trade areas and flash reports all on one screen. To top it all off you can easily export your creation to Google Earth where you can access their extensive library of aerial imagery. Large format printing options are even available through our sister site, GeoPrinter.

Our Google Earth Integration will let you look at sites, trade areas and data surrounded by beautiful 3D imagery. Now you can view a potential sight from your desk, even do preliminary store site selection, and save the travel expenses and your valuable time. It also integrates smoothly within Yahoo! Maps and Bing Maps.

Demographic Data in Google Earth

Google Earth Integration with GeoMetrx

Looking for the best site for your concept? Need to identify restaurants, retail chains and other stores and businesses? Need to create and review retail location analytics? Need to understand who your customers are and where your customers are located? GeoMetrx web-based mapping software provides powerful location analysis / site analysis with demographic data filters to target your best possible markets anywhere in the country. Accurately select your sites and know where your hot markets are. Is your concept a Franchise? GeoMetrx has a Franchise Territory Mapping module as well, which can help with franchise site selection and territory alignment.

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