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It’s summertime and for many that is synonymous with ‘traveltime.’ Traveling is a personal experience. It doesn’t matter if you venture to the same destination as others have before you – your trip will be a unique combination of when you go, who you go with, where you go, where you stay, where you eat, what attractions you visit and what you do while there. If you like to share your adventures with fellow travelers, or even arm-chair travelers, we have a great site to share with you: allows you to create a free travel blog that is accessible to the public, or it can be kept private and shared only with friends and family (membership required). You can map your trip by dropping pins as you check-in at your destinations, write about your adventures in a blog format, and upload all those great photos you take along the way. Other features include the ability to map your itinerary in advance so others can follow along, as well as sending update notifications via Facebook, Twitter and email. And perhaps most exciting of all, you can easily turn your trip into a printed book, to have as a lifelong keepsake!

The currently ‘featured trip‘ on the site was taken 2 months ago by a Canadian woman who traveled to 7 countries in the southern tip of Africa. As you can see from the screenshot below, the website seamlessly incorporates the journal, map and photo feature. Clicking on the green timeline markers allows you to easily navigate through the blog posts of the recorded trip.


In addition to sharing your memories, this online travel blog app is a great planning resource as well, allowing future travelers to review potential destinations and activities and gaining valuable insight to the ‘must do’s’ and the ‘watch-outs’ as well!

How does this help your business? Provide a great service and get pinned by travelers, gaining excellent, and free, word-of mouth advertising! We hope your customers take advantage of this great online travel blog. Happy summer and happy travels to all!