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All GeoMetrx Mapping Solution Packages include the Professional version of GeoMetrx, D&B Business Location data, and NAICS Business Summary data.

Mapping Solution Packages AvailableGeoMetrx Advantage – Workforce and Industry DataEnhance your workforce and training related decisions with our Industry and Occupation/Wage data modules. Adding to the data and technical features available in GeoMetrx Professional, Advantage offers current and projected industry cluster data including location quotient, wage and occupation growth statistics providing users with an economic barometer for their region. In addition, occupation levels by standard occupation code help determine the future workforce needs of emerging businesses and industries. Armed with this information, a region will be able to design more effective regional workforce development initiatives and a superior workforce delivery system.

GeoMetrx Innovation – Fed Funding, Patents and VC. Our GeoMetrx Innovation package incorporates key datasets to our Professional solution by including federal research and development funding, patents, and venture capital that can help to identify potential gaps and weaknesses as well as key opportunities and strengths. In this knowledge-based economy, clusters of competency in the workforce drive the growth of new industries. It is essential to understand where knowledge is being created, transferred, commercialized, and industrialized when determining which competencies regional businesses will demand in the future.

GeoMetrx Analyst – Geometrx Analyst is the ultimate version of our web-based decision support package, taking numerous sources of information – Professional functionality, NAICS Business Summary and Location data, Industry, Occupation/Wage, Patents, Venture Capital, and Federal Funding data and combining them into one powerful decision making tool. By combining these tools and unique datasets, access to typical employment, wage, labor-shed and other knowledge becomes readily available to decision makers at all levels. Analyst datasets match innovation inputs with key metrics of performance, production, and overall outputs for aggregating intelligence for economic and workforce related activities.

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