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GeoMetrx St. Patrick’s Day National MicroBrew Pub Crawl

Irish CloverWelcome to the GeoMetrx St. Patrick’s Day National MicroBrew Pub Crawl, featuring some of the best traditional and creative Irish beers available at your local microbreweries. As of June 2013, there were 2,483 craft breweries in the U.S., and that number is rising. Featured are 50 craft MicroBrew Pubs currently pouring an Irish themed beer. Search the map to find & support a local MicroBrew Pub. Help keep the MicroBrewery industry growing! [pub_crawl_map]

Top 5 Best Tasting Irish Beers*

    1. Irish Red Ale – 91 – Rubicon Brewing Company – Sacramento, CA
    2. Red Dawn Red Ale – 82 – Funky Buddha Brewery – Boca Raton, FL
    3. Conways Irish Red – 80 – Great Lake Brewing Company – Cleveland, OH
    4. Irish Red Ale – 73 – Fate Brewing Company – Scottsdale, AZ
    5. Harry Baals Irish Stout – 71 – Mad Anthony Brewing Company – Fort Wayne, IN
* based on ratings at

Top 5 Irish Beer Names

  1. Menace to SobrietyMcGuires Irish Pub & Brewery – Pensacola, FL
  2. Salty LeprechaunBeerfoot Beach Bar – Galveston, TX
  3. Harry Baals Irish StoutMad Anthony Brewing Company – Fort Wayne, IN
  4. McLovin Irish RedVintage Brewing Company – Madison, WI
  5. Seriously Low Budget Irish RedFlat Tail Brewery – Corvallis, OR

Top 5 BrewPubs Serving Local Demand**

    1. Beer Works – 133,327 – Boston, MA
    2. Goose Island Beer Company – 120,365 – Chicago, IL
    3. 21st Amendment Brewery – 97,524 – San Francisco, CA
    4. Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery – 64,327 – Minneapolis, MN
    5. TwoRows Restaurant & Brewery – 43,561 – Allen, TX
** Local demand defined as craft brew drinking aged adults within a 10 minute drive of each location.  Calculated using GeoMetrx with Experian’s Simmons Consumer Profile data and MOSAIC market segmentation.
We realize no one would be able to visit the entire set of our featured MicroBrew Pubs, at least not in one day, or even in one year. However, wouldn’t it be fun to visit each of these places, much like true baseball fans hope to watch a game in each of the MLB stadiums?

Craft Beer Demand by ZIP Code
We used GeoMetrx with data from Experian to calculate demand for craft brewed beer to create the demand data and the above map.  If you plan to open a local mircobrewery, a visualization like this can help you choose locations where your brewery would most likely succeed – and the same goes for any bar, restaurant or other retail business.

The history and tradition of St. Patrick’s Day reaches far back and first became an officially observed Christian feast day in the 17th century. In modern times, the day is marked with celebrations and parades around the world, and although it’s not an official holiday in the U.S., it certainly can feel like one. The wearing of green, eating, drinking and celebrating are the mainstays. Tales of leprechauns and their antics further lend to the festivities of the day. In Chicago, the city even goes so far as to “magically” dye the Chicago river green. Chicago River 2012 And please remember, whether visiting one pub or several, do not drink and drive. Travel with a designated driver or take advantage of public transportation where available, or have the bartender call you a cab. With a bit o’the luck of the Irish, your driver just might be a spirited little leprechaun! Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Green!

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