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Geometrx GIS

What GIS Data Does a Sales Organization Need?

According to Wikipedia, a geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data. A GIS application, such as GeoMetrx, allows users to create interactive queries (user-created searches), analyze spatial information, and visually present the results.  More importantly, from a sales perspective, […]

Geometrx geomarketing

What is Geo-marketing?

Geo-marketing is the incorporation of geographical knowledge into different features of marketing. It is the usage of digital mapping for organizing and displaying primary and secondary data including sales and distribution for reviewing and decision-making. The digital maps are designed to analyze data by geographical region and particular physical location. It is a very powerful […]

Geometrx - franchise financing

Financing to Grow a Franchise

If you are a business owner who wants to franchise, and financing is a top priority, there are a number of ways to obtain franchise financing. Before heading off to the traditional bank, you may want to consider other sources. Recently we spoke with La Mancha Sims, Managing Director for Triton Business Group Inc., on […]

Geometrx, franchising

10 Things to Consider Before Franchising Your Business

Things that you need to think about before franchising your business Every year, people start small  businesses or with some sound investments, they start companies on a big scale. They work hard to get their business set up. After time, the business will either be  a success or a failure. If the business has been successful, […]

Geometrx, sales territories

How Quotas Affect Sales Territories

In a perfect world, planning sales territories and setting quotas should be a simple endeavour, but in this ever changing world this can be quite complicated. As a company grows and geographical areas develop, quotas and sales goals also have to develop. The onslaught of changing information can be difficult to keep on top of […]

Is your Franchise Expanding Internationally?

Franchise Companies are growing quickly these days and much of this growth is seen internationally.  Now with growth comes growing pains which we all know is a normal part of business.   Don’t jump to any blind conclusions…when it comes to marketing, site selection and territory mapping, knowing what applications to use and how can […]

Geographic Enterprises partners with the Winvale Group to Bring GeoMetrx to the Federal Market

Wake Forest, NC – Geographic Enterprises (GE) has formalized an agreement with the Winvale Group to get included on the GSA Schedule 70 (Information Technology) and bring the GeoMetrx web-based Software as a Service application (SaaS) decision support application to the Federal marketplace. “GE’s GeoMetrx offering fits nicely into our growing list of products from […]

New and Established Franchises Benefit from the GeoMetrx Territory Manager

I never thought such a simple, logical feature such as viewing data at a ZIP Code level would be such a tremendous benefit to franchise companies.  That is a recurring theme I hear on a daily basis, “can you help me create territories by zipcodes based on populations segments of 200,000?”  From Junk Removal to […]

Geographic Enterprises launches GeoMetrx Web-based Subscription Service

Wake Forest, NC – Geographic Enterprises (GE) is proud to announce the official launch of GeoMetrx, a web-based Software as a Service application (SaaS) decision support application for in-depth market and economic analysis. GeoMetrx is an easy-to-use suite of tools for data mapping, reporting, and visual analytics. “The business community has been leveraging similar decision […]

Google Earth Integration with GeoMetrx

Ever wish your Demographic Data and Mapping service would integrate with Google Earth?  You spend time analyzing data, creating maps, uploading data (you can upload custom data with GeoMetrx) and then you do it all over again in Google Earth.  Stop the madness!  Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just click a button?  You […]