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Using Data for Retail Site Location Targeting

The use of big data has become extensive worldwide. It has implications for nearly all industries. Marketers especially use mass data to reach out to a broader segment of their target audience. One of the best and recognized ways to use and leverage location data is by location insights since locations reveal information about real […]

Four World Map Perspectives

Everyone naturally sees things from their own personal perspective, and therefore, we are each the ‘center of our own universe,’ right? When it comes to mapping, this could not be truer. When you enter an address in say, Google Maps, what does the tool do? It centers the map on that point, of course! No […]

The toll of the Great Recession on Major US Cities

I found this interactive map on showing the toll of the Great Recession on major US cities.  The data is a little dated, 2008, but gives you an idea of some areas that have gained wealth and those that have lost wealth.   Newport Beach, CA is leading the way with a with 28.6% of […]