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Geographic Enterprises launches GeoMetrx Web-based Subscription Service

Wake Forest, NC – Geographic Enterprises (GE) is proud to announce the official launch of GeoMetrx, a web-based Software as a Service application (SaaS) decision support application for in-depth market and economic analysis. GeoMetrx is an easy-to-use suite of tools for data mapping, reporting, and visual analytics. “The business community has been leveraging similar decision […]

CopyCat Site Location Research

Site location research is a funny thing.  In an age where many retailers are online most have a combination of internet stores and the traditional brick and mortar.  Brick and mortar still has the advantage, for now, so finding the best site can be a multi-million dollar decision.  So why not spend a few bucks […]

Focus on: Site Selection

Focus on: Site Selection By Katherine Field – ( February 1, 2010 ) As store expansion slows, retail site selection activities have decelerated in kind. To keep sales from stalling, most real estate departments have turned their attentions to optimizing the sites they have. Chain Store Age talked with four retail real estate experts […]

Forecasters See Return to Stability, Not a Resurgence for Retail Real Estate in 2010

Interesting article yesterday by Sasha M Pardy on the CoStar site… Link: Based on the flurry of reports from a wide range of industry observers, there appears to be growing consensus that the worst may be over for the U.S. economy and that, with consumer spending returning to positive, a retail real estate recovery […]