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Map Collections (Map, Atlas and Globe Museums)

Maps help us to understand and manage our world. Reaching all the way back to cavemen and the Stone Age, drawings can be found depicting hunting grounds, water sources and other crucial life sustaining information. Prehistoric man marked their ‘roads’ with symbols to guide hunting parties towards their prey. Early sea-faring explorers used the stars […]

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It’s summertime and for many that is synonymous with ‘traveltime.’ Traveling is a personal experience. It doesn’t matter if you venture to the same destination as others have before you – your trip will be a unique combination of when you go, who you go with, where you go, where you stay, where you eat, […]

TRAVEL: Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index – 2014

TRAVEL: Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index – 2014 In the modern world we travel for two main reasons: business and pleasure. Traveling for business is more of a necessity, but why do we travel for pleasure? Again, there are two main reasons: escape and exploration. Escape travel allows us to leave behind our daily concerns […]