A Service of Geographic Enterprises

Daniel Jan, VP of Operations with Seniors Helping Seniors

We just wanted to thank Geometrx for all of the amazing support you’ve provided our company over the past year and a half. You’ve gone above and beyond in your support. As you are aware the way we create and define our geographies is unique. We have many hierarchies defined by multiple geographic variables and […]

Deb Williams, Senior Accountant, Dunn Bros Coffee

“GeoMetrx has made franchisee territory evaluation and maintenance a pleasurable task! I can easily enter an address, review the demographics and map, and provide reports within minutes. The system was easy to learn, the process intuitive and easily retained. We’ve found GeoMetrx to be a powerful and reliable asset in our Franchise Sales activities and […]

Dallas Jones, CEO & Founder, CherryBerry Self-Service Yogurt Bars

“GeoMetrx has helped us sell more successful franchise territories than ever before. We have maximized profit and minimized risk with customizable trade areas for our CherryBerry locations. GeoMetrx is now an integral part of our daily operations.”

Michael Hutta, COO, ActiveRx

“It is nearly impossible to build a franchise company without an application like GeoMetrx.”

Donn Jacobssen, Principal, 360 GlobalFran

“GeoMetrx has been outstanding in its’ performance and ability to generate business for my company. It has become a revenue generator and it opens doors for our consulting business allowing us to embed ourselves in said companies. I highly recommend the program.”

Junk King Mapping Territories with GeoMetrx

Brian Reardon, CEO, Junk King Franchising

“GeoMetrx allows us to accurately and decisively build sales ready territories with profitability in mind for both the Franchisor and the Franchisee.”