A Service of Geographic Enterprises

Neil Hauger, National Sales Director, Medafor Inc.

“Using GeoMetrx, we mapped 60 territories for 175 sales reps based on numbers of surgeries, drivetimes, and sales volumes. The improved efficiency resulted in a 47% increase in net revenue for 2012. I would highly recommend the software for anyone designing territories.”

Mike Murphy, Mgr Analytics & Data Mgmt, Centrix Pharmaceuticals

“The flexibility of GeoMetrx has greatly increased the efficiency to update and maintain our territories. Housing the program off site with GeoMetrx allows us to keep our IT costs down. This is an excellent product and it continues to impress.”

DocuSign uses GeoMetrx to Align Sales Territories

Kristin Lucas, Sales Operations Manager, DocuSign

“GeoMetrx helped us execute our recent sales expansion and build territories that enabled our reps to succeed.  As DocuSign continues to grow we can count on GeoMetrx to provide the data and mapping we need.”