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Bridging the Gap Between Market Data and Insightful Decision-Making

GeoMetrx is the premier source for real-time U.S. demographic data by state, county, zip code and analytical reports. Access a myriad of curated, area and site-specific data categories that power your business decisions.

Extensive and Current Data

Our expansive database features current demographic data with the latest trends and patterns by zip codes, guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy.

Insightful Analytics

We provide pre-packaged, democratized, and curated insights, making data consumption effortless and meaningful.

Convenient Platform

Effortlessly select, retrieve, and generate bespoke reports on our platform, guaranteeing quality service and U.S. demographic data by states.

Constant Innovation

Our technology is continuously updated, and publish new report services based on new data availability, keeping you ahead in your decision-making processes.

An intuitive and simple tool with 3 steps to follow for U.S. demographic data

Types of Reports with U.S. Demographic Data

Census Trend Summary

Provides real-time demographic shifts across the U.S. by states, counties, or zip codes helping you understand and predict impactful changes.

Census Summary Snapshot

A concise yet robust glance at key demographic indicators from the latest U.S. census data by states, counties or zip codes.

Census Area Benchmark Comparison Summary

Benchmark and compare demographic data from different states, counties, zip codes, or MSAs and discover comparative insights, and leverage data-driven decisions.

Census Detail Summary​

Deep dive into the demographic data from the latest U.S. census. Explore granular data on population size, age distribution, racial diversity, income levels, education, and more, uncovering the intricacies of U.S. demographics.

Business Profile​​

Provides comprehensive insights into the U.S. business landscape. From company size and industry trends to revenue statistics and growth rates, equips you with the knowledge to understand market competition and identify business opportunities.

Consumer Expenditure Overview​​​

Detailed understanding of consumer spending habits across the United States. With data on expenditure trends by category and demographic, this report enables you to tailor your strategies to align with market demand and consumer behavior.

Crime Risk

Provides you with comprehensive, up-to-date crime data across the U.S. This report covers various types of crimes, helping you understand safety levels in different states, counties, zip codes, or MSAs. Make informed choices about location-based projects or initiatives.

Demographic Essentials Complete

All-in-one resource for comprehensive demographic data on the U.S. population. It provides an exhaustive analysis of key indicators such as age, gender, race, income, and education, among others. Leverage this report to guide your strategic planning and forecasting.

Retail Gap Detailed

Helps you identify market inefficiencies and uncover potential growth opportunities in the U.S. retail landscape. By highlighting disparities between supply and demand, this report empowers you to seize untapped market potential and develop effective business strategies.

Multiple Report Comparisons

A multi-faceted, comprehensive comparison against U.S. benchmarks, the Comparison Reports become an indispensable tool for various stakeholders aiming for data-driven planning, assessment, and decision-making. It helps in making informed, strategic decisions by understanding how specific regions measure up to national benchmarks

Franchise Opportunity Reports

By offering industry-specific insights alongside general consumer and demographic data, Franchise Opportunity Reports are an indispensable tool that can help in making data-driven decisions, from identifying viable markets to optimizing supply chain logistics and make informed decisions to invest in or manage a franchise.

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