Retail Firm Leverages GeoMetrx for Confident Market Expansion and Precise Demographic Insights

A leading retail company operating 4,500 grocery stores across 25 states, understands the significance of accurate population data when expanding into new markets. With a commitment to staying ahead in the highly competitive grocery industry, the firm relies on GeoMetrx as their trusted source for demographic insights. This case study explores how the retail firm’s strategic utilization of GeoMetrx empowers them to make confident decisions, accurately project market growth, and effectively cater to diverse customer segments.

Building Confidence through Accurate Data:

Our client places utmost trust in GeoMetrx as the foundation of their market research initiatives. Their team in Corporate Development Research Department, attests to the unparalleled accuracy and reliability of GeoMetrx’s population estimates. This confidence was reinforced during an Utah test market, where GeoMetrx revealed a significant population that another data vendor had missed entirely. Recognizing the critical role accurate data plays in their success, our client embraces GeoMetrx as their go-to demographic resource.

Driving Market Expansion and Growth:

The retail firm employs GeoMetrx in primary market analyses and specialty research projects to support their expansion strategies. By incorporating population counts and household profiles into gravity models, our client accurately projects sales for new and remodeled grocery stores. This approach enables them to make informed location decisions, even in emerging neighborhoods experiencing rapid population growth. Our client’s ability to be the first entrant in high-growth markets positions them for market leadership and increased market share.

Harnessing Specialty Research for Precision:

In addition to primary market analysis, the retail firm leverages GeoMetrx in various specialty research areas. These include creating targeted thematic maps of trade areas to identify suitable store locations and determine the potential for specialty stores catering to specific ethnic populations. GeoMetrx’s precise population data also plays a crucial role in market share analysis for acquisitions and optimizing advertising strategies. Store managers benefit from demographic reports, enabling them to better understand their local customer base. As a forward-looking initiative, our client plans to leverage GeoMetrx’s data reports for ethnicity to track ethnic population trends, facilitating responsive product offerings and strategic decision-making.

Realizing Cost Savings and Efficiency:

By relying on GeoMetrx’s accurate population data, the retail firm significantly reduced the need for costly housing studies in growth markets. Previously, conducting these studies involved substantial expenses related to in-field research and analysis. However, with the high confidence levels afforded by GeoMetrx, our client seamlessly replaces most housing studies with quarterly growth trends, leading to substantial cost savings and enhanced efficiency. Furthermore, GeoMetrx’s workplace population counts provide valuable insights, eliminating the need for separate workplace studies and further streamlining our client’s research efforts.


The retail firm’s partnership with GeoMetrx has proven invaluable in their pursuit of market expansion, precise demographic insights, and confident decision-making. With GeoMetrx as their trusted data source, our client achieves accurate market growth projections, gains a competitive edge, and optimizes their business operations. As they continue to prioritize customer needs and stay at the forefront of the grocery industry, our client’s utilization of GeoMetrx exemplifies the importance of reliable demographic data in driving success and achieving sustained growth.

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