GeoMetrx’s US geodemographic data based range of reports are for every business who need sustainable growth and success.

Businesses of different genres face various challenges with underperforming outlets in its network. Most of these outlets require geodemographic data to identify the root cause and reevaluate its merchandising strategies, which can result in increased sales. This article explores how outlets can leverage data-driven insights beyond real estate to drive business decisions and optimize performance across departments.

Few prominent challenges are:

  1. Underperforming outlets: Certain outlets in set area networks don’t generate the desired sales and revenue.
  2. Lack of locally relevant merchandising strategies: The underperforming outlets are mostly not stocked in a way that resonates with the demographics and preferences of their respective neighborhoods.
  3. Inadequate understanding of ideal customer segments: Need for better understanding of its ideal customer personas in different neighborhoods.
  4. Regional differences in customer bases: Lack of realization that their customer bases varied significantly across different regions, necessitating a more nuanced approach to merchandising and marketing.

Steps to solve the challenges leveraging Geodemographic reports by GeoMetrx:

  1. Informing Business Decisions: Recognizing the significance of accurate site selection, retailers need to switch to GeoMetrx with superior accuracy and currency, crucial for reliable data beyond the decennial U.S. Census. By maintaining consistency and minimizing error rates, businesses can make well-informed decisions to drive success. Reports with area segmentation data and spending patterns, consumer spending data etc., can help companies identify ideal neighborhood segments, while spending patterns can inform product demand analysis.
  2. Neighborhood-Specific Merchandising: To gain a deeper understanding of its consumers, companies can read demographic essential reports to identify its ideal neighborhood lifestyle segments. By examining both best- and lowest-performing retails in various neighborhoods with retail gap analysis and franchise opportunity reports, companies can identify and establish patterns that can shape its understanding of ideal customer segments with various site selections. They can personalize their merchandising and marketing strategies based on these informed and accurate data insights. By knowing the exact lifestyles of their ideal customers through consumer expenditure reports, businesses can gain critical consumer insight beyond demographic data. This knowledge enables them to identify areas with large concentrations of their target customers, while avoiding regions with incompatible consumer lifestyles. Utilizing these data reports, companies can determine the ideal merchandising mix for each outlet by conducting demand analysis. This data-driven approach helps optimize product offerings based on the specific lifestyles of consumers in a particular area.
  3. Research-Driven Business Decisions: A range of business decisions employ GeoMetrx’s reports, such as creating executive committee presentations for new outlet locations, conducting property analysis, and analyzing existing outlets to address performance issues. Regression analysis and forecasts using retail-level attributes further enhance decision-making. This data also supports research projects across multiple departments. Examples include mapping zip codes for advertising distribution, identifying establishments for partnerships, locating third party facilities for outsourcing business operations, and providing analog models for merchandising decisions.

US based retail businesses can make a significant impact on research on merchandising, particularly due to the substantial regional differences in its customer bases, based on the GeoMetrx’s reports. By executing data-driven analysis, outlet businesses can experience noteworthy performance improvements, highlighting the power of GeoMetrx report sets in decision-making.


Businesses need customers and they can leverage geodemographic data from GeoMetrx to drive success and make informed business decisions. By analyzing multiple reports, businesses can optimize site selection, enhance merchandising strategies, and improve overall business performance across departments. If US based business owners are committed to capitalize on data-driven insights for proven invaluable growth and customer satisfaction in a competitive market, they should subscribe to GeoMetrx’s reporting solution.

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