The Fast Food Joint’s Strategic Expansion Fueled by GeoMetrx

An American Fast Food Joint, renowned for its innovative and health-conscious fast food, has emerged as a leading player in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. While consumers appreciate the Fast Food Joint’s philosophy, they may not be aware of the company’s astute business growth strategies. With plans to open nearly 100 new locations in the coming years, including two distinct store concepts, the Fast Food Joint is actively expanding its presence. This case study highlights the Fast Food Joint’s utilization of GeoMetrx as a secret weapon for selecting optimal locations and driving rapid location-based growth.

Investor Recognition of the Fast Food Joint’s Growth Story:

The investment community recognizes the Fast Food Joint as a top growth story in the industry. One of the major investors noted the company’s impressive expansion plans and its focus on international expansion and growth through new brands. While investors acknowledge the Fast Food Joint’s growth trajectory, they may be unaware of the key role played by GeoMetrx in choosing prime U.S. locations for all their stores.

GeoMetrx: The Fast Food Joint’s Secret Weapon:

The C-suite executives of the Fast Food Joint, credits GeoMetrx data for supporting their location selection process. In addition to their unique approach, which includes scouting food courts, airports, and military bases, the Fast Food Joint relies on GeoMetrx to identify the best locations. They invested in Geometrx’s location based demographic reports, retail gap analysis reports, franchise opportunity reports, business profile reports and consumer spending reports to conduct extensive market analysis and identify potential locations across the country for each restaurant concept. They analyzed home populations, daytime populations, and trade area sizes to gain comprehensive insights into location opportunities.

Fueling Growth at Every Stage:

  1. The Fast Food Joints’ growth trajectory shows no signs of slowing down, with plans to expand to nearly 4,000 and potentially even more. To accommodate this growth, the Fast Food Joint is experimenting with smaller store footprints, and GeoMetrx proves invaluable in identifying ideal locations for these new storefronts. The precise demographic data provided by GeoMetrx at the zipcode level allows The Fast Food Joint to focus on optimal locations for their smaller concept.
  2. For the next phase of location research, the Fast Food Joint utilizes GeoMetrx’ metro area populations and daytime estimates to map out future growth potential. By prioritizing markets with high unit growth potential and aligning with their brand appeal to residents and workers during the daytime, The Fast Food Joint maximizes its expansion opportunities.
  3. Beyond location selection, The Fast Food Joint also relies on GeoMetrx for sales estimates. The data assists in estimating first-year sales for new U.S. locations, providing valuable insights to track success and build confidence in location decisions.

Continued Rapid Growth:

The fast food joint anticipates continued rapid growth as the healthy food concept gains further momentum. Supported by GeoMetrx’ precise and reliable geolocation based data, the owners feel confident in every new store selection, considering it a secret weapon for their success.


GeoMetrx plays a crucial role in The Fast Food Joint’s strategic expansion plans. By leveraging GeoMetrx’s wide range of location based data reports, The Fast Food Joint identifies optimal locations, supports growth projections, and builds confidence in its decision-making. With the company’s commitment to innovation and healthy fast food, The Fast Food Joint’s partnership with GeoMetrx ensures continued success in the competitive QSR industry.

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