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Understanding the Pulse of the Nation with Geodemographic Data

Our suite of geodemographic data reports provides detailed insights into the various facets of the U.S. geodemographic data and insights landscape.

Geography based U.S. Geodemographic Data Reports

These reports equip businesses, policymakers, researchers, and citizens with the critical data needed for informed decision-making. Each of our specialized reports offers a unique vantage point on the nation's demographic, economic, and societal trends.

Census Trend Summary Report

What It Offers:
Provides a real-time overview of demographic shifts across the US.

What It Contains:
Population Trends
Household Trends
Dwelling Trends
Vacant Dwelling Trends

Why You Need It:
The report provides an in-depth view of U.S. demographic and societal metrics. It covers population dynamics, such as growth rates and density, crucial for analyzing labor markets and consumer trends. The report also highlights household patterns and housing data, essential for businesses, policymakers, and real estate professionals.

Census Area Benchmark Comparison Summary Report

What It Offers:
A way to benchmark and compare demographic data from different states, counties, zip codes, or MSAs.

What It Contains:
Density, Demographics & Diversity
Educational Attainment
Economic Indicators
Housing & Real Estate

Why You Need It:
The report delivers comprehensive data on population, education, income, and more, enabling deeper insights into community traits. This data is essential for policymakers, businesses, and researchers to optimize resource allocation, identify market potential, and discern trends. Further details on employment, dwellings, and vacant units enhance its relevance for economic planning and urban development.

Business Profile Report

What It Offers:
Comprehensive insights into the US business landscape.

What It Contains:
Total Establishments and details
Total Employees and details
Establishments: Company 
Occupational Summary
Establishments and Employees by Major SIC Group

Why You Need It:
The report provides a comprehensive overview of the U.S. business landscape, encompassing data on establishments, employees, company headquarters, and industry classifications using Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) groups. Paired with demographic insights like total and daytime population, it offers a holistic view of the economic environment. This report is essential for stakeholders including entrepreneurs, policymakers, and researchers, aiding in market strategies, legislative planning, and academic studies, ultimately driving informed economic decisions and development.

Census Trend and Benchmarking with Business Profiles for selected US geographies based on geodemographic data.

Summary and Details of Census with Consumer Expenditure data based on your selected US geographies and geodemographic data.

Census Summary Snapshot Report

What It Offers:
A concise, powerful glance at the key demographic indicators from the latest US census.

What It Contains:
Population & Density
Education & Household Language
Economic Indicators
Housing Insights
Real Estate Metrics

Why You Need It:
The report offers a detailed yet succinct look into U.S. demographic metrics, encompassing areas like population characteristics, education, and household language vital for urban planning and marketing. It also delves into economic data, including income, labor, and industry employment insights, key for policy and economic strategies. Housing details, from dwelling types to values and rents, cater to real estate and urban planning needs, making this report indispensable for professionals and policymakers.

Census Detail Summary Report

What It Offers:
A deep dive into the demographic data from the latest US census.

What It Contains:
Population Metrics & Density
Demographic Breakdown
Education & Household Communication
Economic Data Breakdowm
Housing Details

Why You Need It:
The report provides a thorough dive into U.S. demographics, offering granular data beyond basic population metrics, encompassing age, racial diversity, education, and more. It’s more extensive than typical snapshot reports, covering aspects like household language and housing specifics. This report is crucial for policymakers, businesses, researchers, and urban planners, assisting in resource allocation, market strategies, research validation, and developmental decisions. Essentially, it’s a vital tool for comprehensive insights into U.S. demographics and strategic decision-making.

Consumer Expenditure Overview Report

What It Offers:
A detailed understanding of consumer spending habits across the United States.

What It Contains:
Personal Needs
Education & Entertainment
Food & Beverages
Health & Well-being
Household Essentials
Transportation & Utilities
Miscellaneous Expenses

Why You Need It:
The report provides detailed insights into U.S. consumer spending across categories like apparel, health care, food, and more. Integrating demographics, it reveals how various population segments manage their finances, from essential costs like shelter to discretionary spends like entertainment. This data aids businesses in aligning their strategies with consumer trends, assists policymakers in crafting targeted welfare programs, and benefits analysts in predicting economic shifts. Moreover, it’s an essential tool for academics studying the factors influencing U.S. spending behaviors. In essence, this report decodes complex consumer and economic patterns in the U.S.

Retail Gap Analysis Report

What It Offers:
Insights to identify market inefficiencies and uncover potential growth opportunities in the US retail landscape.

What It Contains:
Demographic Overview
Population & Households
Income Metrics
Annual Populations Breakdown
Retail Analysis
Automotive Sector Breakdown
Home & Furnishings Breakdown
Food & Beverage Breakdown
Health & Beauty Breakdown
Apparel Breakdown

Why You Need It:
The report provides a comprehensive review of the U.S. retail market, covering diverse sectors from automotive to apparel, and offering insights into demographics and travel patterns. The data highlights potential market inefficiencies and unmet needs, aiding businesses in strategy formulation and expansion. Policymakers can leverage the insights for zoning and economic planning, while investors identify growth sectors. Researchers and analysts can also utilize the data to study influencing factors and predict trends, making this report essential for anyone aiming to optimize the U.S. retail landscape.

Crime Risk Report

What It Offers:
Comprehensive, up-to-date crime data across the US.

What It Contains:
Overall, Personal, and Property Risk Grades
Detailed Personal and Property Crime Types
Demographics and Economic Data
Population Metrics
Household Information & Income Metrics
Employment Overview
Crime Overview
Summary of Total, Personal, and Property Crimes

Why You Need It:
The report delivers a comprehensive analysis of U.S. crime rates, categorizing overall, personal, and property crime risks with specific crime breakdowns like murder and burglary. Combined with demographic data, this report aids individuals in choosing residences, businesses in assessing location safety, real estate professionals in property valuation, and policymakers in resource allocation and strategy formulation. It’s an essential tool for anyone needing detailed insights into regional safety for various purposes, from personal choices to strategic planning.

Find out trends of Retail Market and Safety Quotient of your selected US geographies based on geodemographic data.

Summary and Details of Census with Consumer Expenditure data based on your selected US geographies and geodemographic data.

Demographic Essentials Complete Report

What It Offers:
An all-in-one resource for comprehensive demographic data on the US population.

What It Contains:
Demographics Details
Education Details
Households Details
Income Details
Housing Type and Value
Labor Force and Occupation
Commuting Patterns
Business Breakdown

Why You Need It:
The report offers a thorough analysis of U.S. demographics, covering key indicators from population metrics to housing types and transportation methods. This comprehensive resource aids policymakers in strategic planning, businesses in market segmentation, researchers in studying social trends, and urban planners in developmental endeavors. Its vast data scope makes it indispensable for any professional or entity seeking in-depth insights into the U.S. population for informed decision-making.

Comparison Report

What It Offers:
Offers a multi-faceted, comprehensive comparison against U.S. benchmarks, of all the report range available for multiple U.S. geographies.

What It Contains:
Enables side-by-side regional comparisons against U.S. benchmarks across various reports, from demographics to crime risk. It integrates data from multiple reports into one platform, allowing customization for specific regions and benchmarks. This tool offers detailed insights, visual data representations, and streamlines decision-making by presenting a holistic view of regional comparisons to national standards.

Why You Need It:
The report aids strategic planning by comparing regional data to national benchmarks, ensuring efficient resource allocation and market analysis. It facilitates risk assessments, supports academic research, and informs public policy. Additionally, individuals can use the data for personal decisions, such as relocation, while investors can identify potential opportunities in different regions.

Franchise Opportunity Report

What It Offers:
Offers comprehensive, industry-specific datasets tailored for four key sectors: Automotive, Home Services, Food and Beverages, and Pets, Kids & Seniors.

What It Contains:
Automotive: Includes data on retail gaps, average household expenditures for various car services and parts, and general auto repair metrics.
Home Services: Focuses on expenditures related to household operations, repairs, maintenance, and building age profiles.
Pets, Kids & Seniors: Covers retail potential, MRI attitudes and behaviors, pet and home care expenditures, and specific expenditures on food and beverages.
Food and Beverages: Explores consumer attitudes and behaviors towards food and drinks, potential expenditure in various types of dining establishments, and detailed retail sales data.

Why You Need It:
The report empower franchises and individuals aiming to own franchise businesses with data-driven insights for optimized decision-making and market expansion. They provide industry-specific data, consumer behavior patterns, and help pinpoint market opportunities, ensuring efficient resource allocation. The insights give franchises a competitive edge, aiding in risk evaluation, trend tracking, and precise financial planning.

Why Businesses Love GeoMetrx

With such a diverse and comprehensive range of geodemographic data and reports, our platform is the one-stop solution for all your data analytics needs.

Tailored Geographical Insights

Generate reports specific to selected U.S. geographies or sites, offering hyper-local data that’s highly relevant to your needs.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Whether it’s demographics, business profiles, consumer spending, our platform offers a wide range of reports to give you a 360-degree view of any area.

Benchmarking Against U.S. Averages

Our comparison reports enable you to contrast multiple regions against national benchmarks, providing context and aiding in strategic decision-making.

Comprehensive Consumer Insights

From apparel to utilities, understand where money is being spent in the community and what that reveals about local needs and opportunities.

Timely and Updated

Our reports are up-to-date, allowing for timely and accurate decision-making.

Franchise Planning Aid

Specialized reports for various franchise categories like Automotive, Home Services, and Food & Beverages to help you identify the most lucrative markets for expansion.

Risk Mitigation

Provides a detailed account of both personal and property risks, allowing for informed decisions regarding location and security measures.

Multi-Industry Application

Our reports cater to various stakeholders – policymakers, businesses, real estate developers, and marketers, to name a few.

Data-Backed Business Strategies

With insights on everything from total establishments to average household expenditures, you can create business plans that are deeply rooted in empirical evidence.

Strategic Marketing

Detailed data on household language, income, and expenditure make for more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.