Sales Territory Mapping

GeoMetrx Territory Mapping Software…
Visualize your Data for Better Decision Making.

GeoMetrx provides you with a better visual perspective of your business by offering a unique geography-driven territory mapping service. Our web-based territory mapping software platform helps you to dynamically aggregate, compare, rank, and map thousands of preloaded attributes (including geographic and zip-code specific data) along with your own proprietary data so that you can load and analyze it on demand. No need to install or maintain any local software.

If you’re looking for a powerful business mapping tool to align, realign and optimize sales territories or franchise territories, GeoMetrx is the mapping solution for you. GeoMetrx excels in creating rich demographic reports, demographic mapping, aligning & mapping sales or franchise territories, performing market analysis, retail site selection and much more. Use our available current year demographic datasets or upload your own company data to aggregate, compare, rank and map data on demand.

How can GeoMetrx benefit me and my organization?

Sales Territory Mapping Software – With the GeoMetrx Sales Territory Mapping Software you can easily and efficiently align sales territories for maximum productivity. Mapping sales territories with business or consumer demographics, zip codes and area codes, and even your own company data is now possible. Let us show you how.

Franchise Territory Mapping Software – Franchise Organizations of all sizes can now access powerful demographic mapping and reporting. Enabling a Franchisor the ability to choose the best location and develop successful and exclusive franchise territories for their franchisees. Let us show you how.

Demographic Data & Retail Site Selection – Retailers, Commercial Brokers, Restaurants and Marketers now can access up-to-date demographic data, create detailed maps and export them to Google Earth for unique visualization. Let us show you how.

Public Sector Mapping Solution – GeoMetrx is the next generation of web-based decision support platform enabling policy and business decision makers with a robust suite of intuitive tools and a wide variety of the most current detailed market data available. Learn More.

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